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Calm summer's day fishing inshore on the Indian River

Salt water therapy fishing in the Indian River, Saint Lucie County

Talk about serenity.... pulling your boat up on a spoil island and wading for permit, redfish, and trout soothes your soul. Doc's Goofy jigs and live shrimp were used to get action with light tackle. Even the ladyfish were providing some jumps and excitement to add to the 'Salt Water Therapy' needed after a week of work. As March is in full swing we should see some off-shore action when the weekends align with calm seas. I'm hearing report of wahoo and dolphin (mahi) in 90 feet of water while fishing the color breaks and temperature changes.

Summer gaffers- big mahi!

David C and his bull dolphin

It was a day with our friends on a perfect late summer's morning, flat seas and quiet times.... almost. After a quick stop at the 10A Buoy dropping a size 8 white feathered sabiki rig (larger the size the smaller the hook) we had a live bait well full of greenies and blue runners. Within 30 minutes we were at the Off-Shore Bar due East of the Ft. Pierce inlet in 90 feet of water. I spotted a nice rip with a slight temperature change and stretched out a few lines.


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