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Love at first sail!

That first sailfish pushes your limits.

There was a nice chop in the ocean with 2-3 foot waves making perfect conditions for sailfish. This type of chop make the ballyhoo work to our advantage, skipping along with plenty of action. During an early Spring trip about 22 miles of the Ft Pierce inlet in 250 feet of water my wife hooked up one jumping, spinning, and drag screaming sailfish that made several runs after being reeled to the boat and eventually made it onboard for a quick photo and release. Upon release we realized that Lauren was in the water, reviving the catch and swimming alongside the sail.... crazy right?

Monster cobia!

Kelsey and her first Cobia- read more for Cobia fishing tips

My eldest daughter Kelsey, over the last few years has gained a passion for off-shore fishing. She doesn't have the opportunities that her younger sister Lauren has as she's been living on Atlanta and now Pompano Beach.... on the water... with a pool and dock. Sweet! Although she doesn't fish as often she makes up for it with bubbling optimism and enjoyment to be out on the water.


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