Summer gaffers- big mahi!

David C and his bull dolphin

It was a day with our friends on a perfect late summer's morning, flat seas and quiet times.... almost. After a quick stop at the 10A Buoy dropping a size 8 white feathered sabiki rig (larger the size the smaller the hook) we had a live bait well full of greenies and blue runners. Within 30 minutes we were at the Off-Shore Bar due East of the Ft. Pierce inlet in 90 feet of water. I spotted a nice rip with a slight temperature change and stretched out a few lines. We set two Shimano spinners with 6" greenies in the outrigger rocket launches and 2 Shimano TLDs on 5'6" roller rods in the side gunnels as flat lines clipped to the transom. The 7' spinner rods were loaded with 40 pound braid and 60 pound fluorocarbon leader using a 5/0 circle hook. The TLDs were loaded with 60 pound yellow mono topped with 60 pound fluorocarbon leader and 6/0 circle hook. All bait was hooked below the eyes side to side. Using a small bead on the hook eliminated foul-hooking your bait. Another Shimano Spinner was set as a shotgun line off the center leaning post rocket launcher dropped deep off the back holding a C&H chartreus tuna lure with a 7/0 hook. If anything this line usually produces Bonita hits for lull time action and future cut bait.

Within minutes of setting the spread our first knockdown came off the starboard spinner. The drags were set soft and once the bail was flipped Sue D. was fighting a nice size mahi cow. Empty lines were brought in and a light spinner was at the ready for schoolies as Sue fought the cow. The cow was alone and boated quickly. Lines were stretched out again and our slow troll paralleled with the rip headed north. Within an hour a couple more 12-16 pound cows were picked up as well as a nice sized kingfish by Lynn C. It was time to head in.

Not so fast, as we trolled back over the bar Joe D was handed one of the TLDs as a Kodak moment gaffer bull had hit the largest blue runner in the well. After some sweating and grunting the bull was gaffed and boated (see picture on main page). After commenting that we had more fish than I wanted to fillet and turning the boat shore bound another bull ponded the other flat line. This one was handed off to David C. who grew weary after the third run from the boat after battling the mahi for some time as the sun was now overhead. All this while the Mrs. quietly dinned on her salad! That's right, a trophy bull fought by her husband and no camera, no video.... must have been one heck of a salad! Fortunately his catch was caught on camera as seen in this post. Lines in and headed back.

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I wonder how long a fight it was to pull this one in...